• Promptjet

    The world's first to define air travel simply with its name.

  • Air Travel For You

    Promptjet is defined by it name short for:

    Punctual Ride Offering Mobile Personalized Travel.

    Joyous Electric Transportation.

    Our mission is ABC 123:

    Active Button Control

    1. Affordable
    2. Accessible
    3. Air travel for up to 5 people.
    At age six, Ronnie C. Wright began inventing and experimenting with rockets and model airplanes. Today, as an award-winning inventor, his vision for an all electric vertical airlift and landing jet is real.




  • Safety First

    The routine objective for the Promptjet revolves around - [SAFE]: in other words: Secure Aircraft Flights Everyday.

    Our safety objectives are fulfilled with a system known as [CORE] -

    Components Offering Redundant Exchange, that allows vertical landing, in case of multiple engine failure.

  • Technology


    Promptjet (eVALUE)

    electric Vertical Airlift/Landing Under Ease

    with [STEERFAST]

    Simple Tiltable Electric Rotor

    Flaps Advancing Seamless Transition

    from vertical lift to horizontal acceleration.

    Our goal: ABC - A Better Concept

    thru Active Button Control

    designed to increase [SPEED] -









  • Company I Promptjet

    Promptjet designs, manufacturers, lifts and lands aircrafts. The company founded in 2007 by Ronnie C. Wright to pioneer air taxi technology with the clear goal to offer people affordable, accessible air-travel.

  • Investor Relations