• The world's first to define air, ground and water travel simply with its name.

  • Perfect Travel For You

    Promptjet is defined by it name short for:

    Punctual Ride Offering Mobile Personalized Travel.

    Joyous Electric Transportation.

    Our mission is ABC 123:

    Active Button Control

    1. Affordable
    2. Accessible
    3. All around travel.
    At age six, Ronnie C. Wright began inventing and experimenting with rockets and model airplanes. Today, as an award-winning inventor, his vision for an all electric vertical airlift and landing jet is real.




  • Safety First

    The routine objective for the Promptjet revolves around - SAFETY.

    Our safety objectives are fulfilled with a system known as [CORE] -

    Components Offering Redundant Exchange, that allows vertical landing, in case of multiple engine failure.

  • Technology


    Promptjet (eVALUE)

    electric Vertical Airlift/Landing Under Ease

    with [STEERFAST]

    Simple Tiltable Electric Rotor

    Flaps Advancing Seamless Transition

    from vertical lift to horizontal acceleration.

    Our goal: ABC - A Better Concept

    thru Active Button Control

    designed to increase [SPEED] -









  • Company I Promptjet

    Promptjet designs, manufacturers, lifts and lands air, ground & water crafts. The company founded in 2007 by Ronnie C. Wright to pioneer technology with the clear goal to offer people affordable, accessible electric travel.

  • Investor Relations